A fair go for first home buyers

The NSW Government has developed a comprehensive package of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW. The package aims to give home buyers a fair go by….read more

Buying property at an auction

An auction is a gathering of potential buyers who publicly bid for a property. It is usually conducted by an estate agent, acting as an auctioneer and governed by strict rules….read more

Bidders Guide

You will not be able to bid at an auction of residential and rural property in NSW unless you give the selling agent your name and address and show proof of your identity…read more

Major changes to strata laws

New strata laws will start on 30 November 2016. They have been modernised to fit the reality of living in a strata townhouse or apartment today….read more

Selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool?

If you are selling or thinking of selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool on and after 29 April 2016, you must have the following….click here

Important news

Are you selling your home with a pool?
From 29th April 2016 all properties sold with a swimming pool or spa pool must have attached to the contract of sale, either a swimming pool certificate of compliance or an
occupation certificate that is less than 3 years old…read more

Granny Flats – The Good the bad and the Ugly

There are many companies peddling the benefits of adding a Granny Flat to your main residential home and the additional income it may generate. Whilst that may be true, it could also create some unexpected Capital Gains tax consequences…..read more

E-Property Contracts Herald A Future Of ‘E-Bay’ Style Auctions

Australia’s first fully fledged e-property contract auction of 31 residential land lots debuted in Gledwood Hills, Sydney on Sunday September 20.
Developed by Colin Biggers & Paisley lawyers (CBP) and e-transaction specialist, DocuSign, the e-contract technology used at this auction marks the first step towards establishing an ‘e-bay’ style marketplace for real estate that will revolutionise the way property is bought and sold in Australia…..click here to read more

Strata reform in NSW

A quarter of Sydneysiders are now living in a strata complex, with that number growing rapidly each year. “By 2040, about half of Sydneysiders will be living in strata. The proposed reforms are reflective of present needs and future demands,” said the minister responsible for Fair Trading, Victor Dominello. But despite a rise in unit dwellers, strata rules have remained largely unchanged for decades…read more

When will you need a Public Notary?

If you have ever had to sign documents intended for use in a foreign country, you may have been told that your signature had to be witnessed by a public notary. What does a public notary do, and why is the office different from that of a justice of the peace?…..read more