Experience was awesome

I was so relieved to be able to call on Geoffrey and the girls to handle my sale and purchase. Thank you for all of your support. The experience was awesome and the beginning of an exciting chapter of my left.
(Jane – December 2016)

Professionalism and kindness

We appreciate the professionalism and kindness that Michele and all staff had shown to us during a difficult time for our family. It helped to make the process of losing our loved one less daunting.
(Sharon – January 2017)

Great service

Many thank you’s for your great and friendly service.
(Doreen & Gary – November 2016)

Wonderful service

Thank you for taking away, all of the worry for us.  A wonderful service.
(James – November 2016)

Professional Service

The professional services from GMS was as usual, excellent.  Thank you!

Inspiring and Incredible

Sharyn & Wendy were incredible.  Geoff your approach to business is inspiring, explains why you have been in the game so long.  Many thanks.
Craig and Danielle

Pain Free settlement

Thank you for your hard work and a ‘pain free’ settlement.
Charles and Diana

Love your work !!!

Love your work !!!
Marshall and Cheryl

Thank you

All staff have been extremely helpful through the whole process.  Thank you!

Thank you all for the great service

Thank you all for the great service