How to sell your home faster

How you present your property to prospective buyers can be the difference between someone buying and not buying.

It can also mean the difference of thousands of dollars in that someone is prepared to pay.

People buy on emotion and when they inspect a home that is bright, clean and well maintained their emotion level goes up.  On the other hand a person who inspects a poorly presented house is less likely to get emotionally involved in the property, and if they do, they tend to offer less.

How can you present your home to get the best price?

It all starts with the first impression – How the property looks when the buyer pulls up in their car.

Now is a good time for you to take a few minutes to critically look at your front yard, or better still get a friend to do it with you – Are the lawns mowed? Are there flowers in the garden or just weeds? Do the gates work? Is the drive way clean and oil free?

Does the house need painting? Are there cobwebs under the eaves? Are the flyscreens in working order and with no holes?

Although you walk in and out of the house everyday your mind is in other things and you don’t look at the house like a buyer will.  Ask yourself, “What would I think of this house if I was looking to buy it?”

Once you have looked at the front yard you can do the same for the sides, back yard and garage.  Kids toys in the yard, dog droppings, rubbish heaps in the yard and Dads “toys”, stacks of boxes and junk in the garage all add to the clutter and detract from the appearance.

While on the outside you can also check the fencing and gutters.

Decide what you won’t be taking with you and sell it or get rid of it before you start bringing buyers through.  You will be clearing it out later so why not do it now and improve your chances off selling?  The less stuff you have the bigger the place appears.  So clean up and clear out now.

On the inside of the house people like bright airy rooms that are uncluttered.  This means that you must open the blinds to let plenty of light and air in and clear the stuff that clutters up your house.  This could be kids toys, too many chairs or tables, boxes of things waiting for moving etc.

Selling time is very difficult as you still need to live while keeping the house in presentable condition… and people understand this.

An option could be Open Houses where you plan for a set Open Time so you can get the house to be in A1 condition for inspections.  This also allows you to go out and for the agent to bring a number of people through the property at one time.

Purchasers tend to find they are more relaxed and can have a better look if the seller isn’t at home.  So when the agent has an inspection, make yourself scarce.  It is best that they have a key so they can go through at any time, and if you are home you can go for a walk whilst the inspection is on.

Also on the inside consider the condition of the paintwork and the carpet, the bathroom tiles, do all lights work, and what about dripping taps?

Once you have identified the things that need to be done you can take steps to get the work done and start bringing the buyers through.

The difference in the presentation and the co-operation you give your agent can mean many thousands of dollars in your pocket and a quicker sale.

All the best with your sale.

Preparing your home for Sale

If you are planning to sell your home, now is a good time to start preparing.

Remember, if your home looks well maintained both indoors and outdoors, then prospective buyers will be impressed.  You may even find your home on the shortlist of a potential buyer.

How do you give your home the best chance of standing out from the rest?

A coat of paint is a quick and cost effective way to brighten your property.  Aim for neutral colours throughout, as that will fit in with most people’s choice of furniture.

It’s wise to steam-clean carpets

This eliminates any odours as well as making the rooms appear larger.  Carpeting has a major impact on the look of a home.  Prior to showing your home to prospective buyers, vacuum thoroughly or have carpets steam-cleaned.

If the carpet is badly worn, outdated or stained, consider having it replaced despite the expense.  Check wooden floors to see if they need to be refinished.  Scrub and polish tile floors and repair or replace cracked tiles.

If your home has floorboards, it may be worth the investment in having them repolished.

Appeal to the buyers senses

The entrance hall or room should be light and airy, bright and uncluttered.  Classical music may be used to set an atmosphere.

Furniture should be sparse

Prospective buyers want to feel that their new home will be spacious enough for their own furniture.  You should avoid a crowded impression.

Kitchen comfort

Ask homebuyers what area or room of the home they consider most important, and chances are they’ll say the kitchen.

When prospective buyers look at your kitchen, they will pay particular attention to its cleanliness, layout and storage capacity.

Polish chrome surfaces and fix any leaky taps, loose cabinet hardware, drawer handles and outdated or inefficient light fixtures.  Make more efficient use of drawers and cabinets with dividers and cutlery trays.

Highlight storage space

If your property is small, but storage place is available, this is going to be a prime selling point.  Make sure that it is well presented and neatly stacked to emphasise the potential.

Window maintenance

Clean interior and exterior windows and screens.  Repair cracked panes, torn screens, broken sashes and ropes or cords as well.  Wash all the mirrors in the house too, and launder or dry-clean your curtains and drapes.

How is your garden?

What stands out in your garden, especially around the front entrance?  Is it the state of the garden, the faded exterior paint or the cracks in the driveway?  The lawns should be kept mowed and the garden tidy.  The planting of bright seedling is inexpensive and adds instant colour.

Trust your Agent

They deal with the presentation of properties every day.  They can give you an independent view of what needs to be done when preparing your home for sale.

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