Purchasing Property

Purchasing a property is often an exciting event, whether it be for your own home or an investment property. Sometimes it can be hard work and there are pitfalls you need to look out for.

This area of our site explains the process of purchasing property by providing you with easy to read information and useful resources to assist you during your purchase.

Selling a Property

When you have made the decision it is time to move to a new home or to sell an existing property, there are certain steps you must undertake before the property can go on the market and during the sale to coordinate your sale and purchase or to simply ensure you get the best result from the sale.

These pages provide an outline of those steps and what you can do to make the selling process easier and less stressful. You will be taken step by step through the selling process from the time you decide to list the property for sale until after settlement takes place. Topics include; Finding an agent, preparing the contract for sale, exchanging contracts, preparing for settlement and moving day.

Life and Estate Planning

Planning for your future can seem a huge task. Ensuring you have enough money to live a comfortable retirement, making sure you will be taken care of when you can no longer care for yourself and making arrangements for transferring your assets on to the next generation when you pass on are all part of the Estate Planning picture.

Estate planning process consists of:

  • how you hold assets
  • superannuation nominations, particularly binding nominations
  • life insurance policies
  • pensions and other entitlements
  • capital gains tax implications
  • consideration of the financial and personal position of your beneficiaries
  • taxation effects on your beneficiaries.

“A large part of our business involves helping clients planning their future, through the remainder of their working lives, retirement and beyond”.

This section of our site offers information and advice for preparing for your future. We can assist you in preparing the necessary documents such as wills and powers of attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out and your benefactors are not disadvantaged as well as referring you to financial advisors who will help you to plan your financial security.

The place to start this journey is with the “4 Must have documents for every Australian” and asking yourself “What do I need to plan for and protect myself against?”