Who Is Your Childrens’ Guardian?

Why do you need a Guardian?

In your Will you can appoint a guardian to raise your children should you and your partner die while your children are under 18

Your choice of guardian is a vital step every responsible parent should undertake to help safeguard his or her children’s future welfare.

Your decision to protect your Children

Protect your children’s welfare by appointing a guardian now. Do not leave it to a Court to decide who the legal guardian for your children should be. A decision made by you now, could help stop a Court having to decide where your children are to live if anything should happen to you and your partner.  The Court’s decision could cause dissent amongst your surviving family members, if they disagree as to whether the decision reflects what your wishes might have been.

Care for your children

If a Court has to make a decision, this could lead to even more disruption for your children when they are especially vulnerable and most in need of support and care. It is times such as this when family unity and stability are most critical.

Responsibilities of your Guardian

You can nominate a guardian and authorise them to carry out the following functions:

  • Care for, Raise and Educate your children,
  • Decide what health care they receive,
  • Decide what other kinds of personal services they should receive,
  • Consent to any medical or dental treatment required.

Alternative enduring guardian

If your guardian is unable to carry out their functions, you can appoint an alternate guardian.

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